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REVIEW: Kingdom Of Back

Title: Kingdom of Back
Author: Marie Lu
Genre(s):  Young Adult, Fantasy
Release: February, 2020
Rating: ✭✭✭/5

Kingdom of Back follows the Mozart siblings, Nannerl in particular, who excels at composing and dreams of becoming a musician. but isn't allowed due to the time period she lives in. When, one night, an unexpected visitor offers her a solution to achieve what she's always dreamt of.

To state the obvious, Kingdom Of Back provides a definite break with what we've seen of Lu so far. Her earlier writing that's heavily rooted in a more realistic direct type of writing has transformed into a sort of lyrical, whimsical prose. I admire how different this work is from Lu's usual work like Warcross or Legend, and The Kingdom of Back definitely solidifies the kind of writer Marie Lu is: versatile and powerful. She crafts an almost fairytale like story with this one.

What I ultimately missed in The Kingdom of Back was a deserving climax. While Lu's writing is positively gorgeous, I found that the plot of the book didn't fully live up to its full potential because there wasn't a lot at stake which is something I'm used to from her earlier books. It felt predictable at times, like I've read most of this before in other books.  While the world-building and quirky elements all perfectly lend itself to an epic adventure, it read mostly like a children's fairytale. Which, in this case, wasn't bad per sé, It's just not something I personally would gravitate to.

All in all, The Kingdom of Back is a definite recommendation if you like a whimsical, fairytale-like narrative with just a dash of historical elements weaved into it. While I really enjoyed the book, being a musician myself, it didn't fully manage to become a forever favorite. However, this is definitely worth a read and expands Marie Lu's arsenal with something unusual.

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