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ARC REVIEW: A Heart So Fierce and Broken

Title: A Heart so Fierce and Broken
Author: Brigid Kemmerer
Genre(s):  Young Adult, Fantasy
Release: January 7th, 2020
Rating: ✭✭✭/5

“I’m staring down at . . . a creature I can’t identify. It’s somewhat human-shaped, with dark-gray skin, the color of a cloudy night sky. Wings bound with rope sprout from its back, and there’s a length of tail that curls limply along the ground of the cage. It has clawed hands and feet, and a shock of black hair that’s matted with sweat. It’s not moving.”

Nothing worse than going into a book expecting to be blown away because you loved the first one, but then end up struggling throughout the second because it's the opposite from what you've expected. That's what happened with this book.

We follow Grey, a side character in the first book, on his own journey. Where A Curse so Dark and Lonely was an excellent Beauty and the Beast retelling, this one doesn't really follow a story. It just feels like a bunch of tropes mixed together at random.

Where this book loses most of its stars, however, is the way in which it treats its already established characters. Going into A Heart so Fierce and Broken, the reader expects Harper and Rhen, two character we already know and love to make a cameo, to at least have some kind of importance within the story. The sad reality of this book, though, is that any and all character development from the previous instalment is undone in this book. Harper has a few quick appearances and one itty bitty chapter written in her POV. Additionally, Rhen, a character I loved in book one, has turned into someone that is very hard to even like in book two. It feels like we're watching completely different characters from the very first book.

A second issue I had with A Heart so Fierce and Broken is that the plot feels very lack-luster. The new characters introduced were underdeveloped and kind of hard to care about. The ending also left a lot to be desired. Going in, I knew this book was going to be about Grey, but to completely ignore most of the characters that made book 1 attractive was an oversight on the author's part. I kept waiting for some kind of action, but a lot of the plot consisted of plot-points that I just couldn't fully care about as they seemed so out of touch with the previous instalment. 

All in all, this was a very mediocre sequel to an otherwise amazing first book. I hope to see Kemmerer return with a mind-blowing third instalment that rivals the first one, but this one sadly only gets a 3 star rating from me. 

*ARC received from Bloomsbury in exchange for an honest review

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