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RECS: Webcomics for your binging pleasure!

Are you also in love with the YA adaptation of The Wrath and the Dawn? Are you impatiently waiting for your favorite Webtoon to be updated? Or do you just want to get into reading sequential art? Here's a list of some of my favorite webcomics to hold you over until your next update!

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Lore Olympus
Rachel Smythe

This Hades/Persephone retelling is a must-read if you're getting into webtoons! It's funny, romantic, and highly original when it comes to the incorporation of the classical canon. I can't stress this enough, but this one is so much fun!

Read Lore Olympus on Webtoon

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The Fever King
Creator: Sara Deek

Like TWATD, more YA novels seem to be getting the webtoon treatment! Based on the book by Victoria Lee, The Fever King adapts this YA adventure. Featuring a deadly virus, futuristic society, and LGBT rep, the beautiful art and story of this webcomic won't let you down!

Read The Fever King on Webtoon

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Creator: Alice Oseman

Heartstopper might be the most well-known one on this list. Written and drawn by renowned YA author Alice Oseman (Radiosilence, Solitaire) this comic follows British high school students Charlie and Nick, as they navigate their crushes and start a relationship. This is a very heartfelt and warm take on an LGBT romance!

Read Heartstopper on Tapas

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Creator: Junepurrr

This is probably the most tropey comic out of all of these. Subzero follows a prince and a princess from rivaling clans, who must marry to forge an alliance. This one has ancient dragons, hate-to-love tropes, and very cool magic!

Read SubZero on Webtoon

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Purple Hyacinth
Creator: Ephemerys

I'm an absolute sucker for this one. Purple Hyacinth is everything I look for in fiction. A historical setting, mystery, and some delightful enemies to lovers romance. Purple Hyacinth follows a detective team, a notorious criminal, and a crime to be solved. The art in this, too, is absolute gorgeous. Purple Hyacinth is an absolute must-read!

Read Purple Hyacinth on Webtoon

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Creator: KaixJu

Another historical romance on this list. This one is set in 17th century France, and follows a necromancer and an astronomer! Novae also has a mystery element to it, and is another LGBT story. I love this one!

Read Novae on Webtoon

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Castle Swimmer
Creator: Wendy Lian Martin

Castle Swimmer is set in an underwater world, and follows a Beacon, a guiding light, and an enemy prince who is destined to kill him. However, what happens when both reject their destinies?

Read Castle Swimmer on Webtoon

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Creator: Kandismon

Muted follows a budding romance between Kai, who is mute, and Jasper. The heartwarming tones of this comic in combination with the art style make this such a good read!

Read #muted on Tapas

What is your favorite Webcomic? 

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