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AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Kelly Coon on Gravemaidens

With less than a week away, Gravemaidens is set to release very very soon. This book has been on my TBR since last year and I'm infinitely excited for the world to read it! Gravemaidens is set in the fictional kingdom of Alu, where three maidens are chosen to join their dying ruler in the afterlife: Kammani wants nothing more than to become the accomplished healer her father used to be before her family was cast out of their privileged life in shame. Her beautiful little sister, Nanaea, is chosen as one of three sacred maidens. It’s an honor. A tradition. And Nanaea believes it is her chance to live an even grander life than the one that was stolen from her. But Kammani sees the selection for what it really is—a death sentence.


 I had the pleasure to (figuratively) sit down with the lovely author of this dark, enchanting tale to ask her a couple of questions about Gravemaidens, human sacrifice, and authoring in general! Also, keep reading if you'd like to know how you can get yourself one of the pretty pre-order packs pictures above!


Q: First of all, Gravemaidens is such a unique story! How did you come up with the concept for this book?

K: I was reading through some history of human sacrifice (as one does) and realized that it was an accepted and often celebrated part of cultural and religious history all over the world. Sacrificial remains have been discovered everywhere from a ritual site in Gournay-sur-Aronde in northern France to a 4,000-year-old cemetery near the modern-day Mogou village in China to a mound in Tenochtitlán near what is now Mexico City. Heck, the entire religion of Christianity is built upon the concept.
My story might be unique, but human sacrifice definitely is not. 

Q: Which Gravemaidens character would you say is most like you?

K: Ooh. Good question. I’d say I’m closest to Iltani with my smart mouth, but staunchly Ravenclaw like Kammani (though she’s a lot more Hufflepuff than I am).

Q: Describe Gravemaidens in three words! 

K: Fierce, Feminist, Fantasy (also three points for alliteration). 

Q: Who inspired you to become an author? And what are your own favorite books to read when you're not writing some yourself?

K: Well, one of my inspirations is my mom. She used to tell me I could do anything I wanted to do and be anything I wanted to be, even though I was raised in a pretty anti-female environment. 
Regarding books, I read a lot of YA—naturally—and I’ll read anything Leigh Bardugo, Marie Lu, or Sabaa Tahir writes. 

Q: What does your writing routine look like? Are you an early riser, or do you usually write at night?

K: I’m a mother of three rowdy, busy boys and am an editor for a company called Blue Ocean Brain. So, I write whenever I can. If I’m drafting a new book and have a specific word count goal, I don’t go to sleep until my goal is finished, which usually means I’m drafting late at night. But sometimes, I can squeeze it in during my work day or sitting in my car during one of my kids’ practices.

Q: On that same note, what do you do when you're not writing? Do you have time to relax? 

K: Hoo boy. Not really. I get up at 5:30 every single day and work my butt off until around 9:30 at night when the kids are all in bed, the lunches have been packed, dishes have been done, laundry sorted, and I can finally sit down. I might get in an hour or so of Netflix or reading before lights out, but that’s about it. I do, however, force myself to go to the gym—which I consider recreation at this point—and love to kayak, white water raft, and hike with my family.

Q: Despite the fact that Gravemaidens is literally just about to hit shelves, are there any future projects in the works? 

K: Heck yes. I’m working on a draft of a YA contemporary with speculative elements that’s really close to my heart. One POV is in verse and the other is in prose, so it’s been a challenge! 

Q: And lastly, I know it's early, but we're curious! What can we expect from the sequel? 

K: An all-female band of warriors with copper scorpion helmets
The love between two main characters is finally—
Someone loses an arm
Someone loses their life
Three words: Goddess of war


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