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REVIEW: Soul of the Sword

Title: Soul of the Sword
Author: Julie Kagawa
Genre(s):  Young/New Adult, Fantasy
Release: June 17th, 2019
Rating: ✭✭✭✭/5

"This is why I don't trust magic," he muttered, leaning back against the tree.
 "Inanimate objects like swords and scrolls should not WANT to be found. 
They should not want anything."

After reading Shadow of the Fox, I was excited to dive head-first into Soul of the Sword. I'd never read anything written by Kagawa prior to this, but this series was such a nice surprise.

What is this book about?
Soul of the Sword continues right after Shadow of the Fox and follows shapeshifter Yumeko in her quest to free Tatsumi from the demon Hakaimoto, who has captured the warrior's soul. Yumeko is also still finishing up her original quest, which entails taking an ancient magical scroll that could summon a powerful dragon, to the Steel Feather temple. But can she and her friends succeed in saving Tatsumi and prevent the world from its descent into chaos?

“Much like your illusions and foxfire, magic itself cannot be evil. 
It is how you use your powers that determines the intent.”

What did I think of Soul of the Sword?
Soul of the Sword takes place after the cliffhanger of The Shadow of the Fox, and follows our main protagonists as they travel from town to town to complete their ultimate quest. 

I feel like these books are shaping up to be such an intriguing trilogy. Reading this series feels very much like reading a manga series, in the sense that we follow a team of protagonists who travel from town to town facing adventure after adventure. For me, it's not necessarily the plot that pulls you in, it's intriguing for sure, but not my main reason for reading. The main attraction are the cast of characters. The different dynamics are what I'm enjoying most about this series so far.

Both the main characters and the side characters have such diverging personalities that create very interesting scenarios, however what I loved seeing a lot over the course of these two novels is the development some of these personalities go through. The development of Yumeko, in particular, is stellar. As a reader, I also really like how the author has created such a great character with Kage Tatsumi. The way this book ends makes the reader long for more of him. The plot-twists of Soul of the Sword provide such interesting development for him, too.

Being immensely interested in Japanese culture, these books are a true treat for the reader. The way Kagawa incorporates Japanese mythology within this YA setting is noteworthy, and creates such an interesting contrast with the many euro-centric fantasies I've read. 

All in all, I'm really enjoying the series. Shadow of the Fox incoporates cultural components, epic storylines, and a manga-like plot to form a unique YA Fantasy hybrid that is unlike any other release!

Thank you to Harlequin Teen for supplying a Review Copy of Soul of the Sword.


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