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Title: Time (Laws of Physics #3)
Author: Penny Reid
Genre(s):  Romance, New Adult
Release: April 2019
Rating: ✭✭✭✭/5

"Cry if you need to, but don’t ignore what the tears are about."

Here it is! The last book in this series. It's no secret I love Penny Reid's romances (Knitting in the City was one of the first New-Adult series I picked up, and more recently I have LOVED reading the Winston Brothers series). When it comes to new-adult romances, I normally tend to read a lot standalone couples, but this was such a refreshing take on the genre for me! Time provided a satisfying end to a deliciously angsty and romantic story!

What is this book about?
Time is the last book in the Laws of Physics series, and concludes Mona and Abram's love story. The book picks up right after the ending of Motion. Abram has left Mona in Geneva to pursue his career in music, which has started to really take flight. However, Mona now finds she has to deal with missing him and reconciling her career with being close to Abram. How will these two navigate their relationship, and is there a happy ending on the horizon?

"He smiled, a real smile. 
His left dimple making its first appearance, stealing my breath before his words could. 
“It’s living artistry, Mona.” 
Abram’s gaze turned cherishing, earnest. 
“Being with you is like living in a song."

What did I think of Time? 
First of all, I loved the character development in this particular book. After getting all the major angsty plot-points out of the way in the previous two, this book really focused on their relationship and the characters by themselves which provided great character-driven moments. I also really like how Mona seemed to develop and confronted her past trauma, I thought that was a very powerful scene.

I've said this before, but the thing I really like about Penny Reid's writing is the way in which it manages to mix humor with important issues. Her comedic writing is great, it makes the reader laugh, but her books also tend to have a deeper side where she addresses issues such as social-political problems or character's mental health issues. This book is no exception when it comes to addressing these, and in this case I really like how Reid seems to touch on assault and how important it is to speak up about it. 

Abram and Mona were such a cute main couple. The combination of his musical POV, with her scienc-y one worked out perfectly and made Time a joy to read. I also like how Reid's writing seems to flow off the page, in the sense that it reads very easily and quickly. You'll finish her books in no time!

The only minor issue I had with the book was that it might have been a tad too long for its content. I understand that romance books tend to not be heavily plot-focused, but sometimes I felt like there wasn't very much happening. The parts where Mona and Abram were apart read a tad too slow for my liking, but weren't disturbing enough to get me to not love the book. 

This has been a very short and sweet review, but the main thing I am trying to get across if that if you're looking for a quick, funny, (and a little bit angsty,) romance series, then this is the perfect one for you. I'm giving the whole series a solid 4 stars, and I'm anxiously awaiting Penny's next book! 

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