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REVIEW: Laws of Physics: Space

Title: Laws of Physics: Space
Author: Penny Reid
Genre(s):  New Adult, Romance
Release: March 2019
Rating: ✭✭✭✭/5

"You have to tell me what you want" he whispered gruffly. 
"If you don't want me, tell me. But you have to know, you must know,
I only want to make you happy."

In 2018 I finally took the plunge and delved deeper into the beauties that are Penny Reid books. Prior to last year, I'd read some Knitting in the City books, but never picked up anything else from this author, which is weird, considering I absolutely adored Neanderthal Seeks Human. A few months ago, then, I finally decided to read the Winston Brothers series, and I was reminded why I love Penny's books so much. This series is one of her newer ones, and when I received an ARC for this beautiful series I couldn't wait to start binging it!

What is this book about?
Laws of Physics: Space is the second book in a trilogy that centers around famous physicist Mona. Mona is the polar opposite of her twin sister. Mona is a genius, and is famous for her knowledge. She has it all figured out, or rather, she thinks she does. Throw in Abram: a talented musician without a care in the world. Abram goes with the flow and isn't really bothered with figuring things out all that much. Space is the continuation of the series and follows Motion, which ended on a cliffhanger! 

“Then will you let me know you?” I pressed my lips together to keep my chin from wobbling. 
“Why? To what purpose?”
The question seemed to amuse him.  “I need someone to listen to my heart.”  
His face inched closer. “And it only wants to beat for you.”

What did I think about Space?
First of all, let me start off by praising Penny Reid's brand of romance. Her style of writing is funny, comedic, and feels like a breath of fresh air in a genre of, oftentimes, slightly problematic books. What I love about Penny Reid's books is how you can tell she has done her research when it comes to her characters. Her portrayal of Shelly and the OCD rep in Beard In Mind, for example, was very nicely done. I just really like her writing style and I feel like it's not one you see in most ordinary romances. I also like, and this might be controversial, but I love the fact a lot of her romances are pretty tame on the heat-scale. I'm not someone who enjoys reading copious amount of sex-scenes and I much prefer softer romances, so her books are always a nice treat!

As for the specific content of this series, this book was very angst-heavy. The angst is, of course, necessary with how the previous book left things, so the comedic undertone of her nicely balanced the tone of the book. 

Mona and Abram's relationship is based entirely on a web of lies that Mona has weaved with the help of her twin sister. While I understood why Mona does what she does, I also very much understand Abram's side of the spectrum and I liked that this book doesn't include a quick fix. The tension is palpable throughout the entirety of this series, but it does include a feeling of satisfaction as you continue to read.

I like both Mona and Abram's characters, and the difference in POV is striking. Mona's POV is written in a more factual way, but her intelligence shines through in every sentence. Abram, however, has a very poetic voice, a nod to his identity as a poet and musician. I love the conscious difference between their characters and this only solidifies Penny's capabilities as a writer.

All in all, I very much enjoyed this second instalment in the Laws of Physics series. I liked the incorporation of a STEM-field woman, the comedic but well thought-out writing and the achingly slow slow-burn. I love the way Reid writes her characters and I can't wait to read the final book in this series when it comes out!

[Thank you to Penny Reid for providing with an advanced review copy!]

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