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REVIEW: The Enchanted Sonata

"What makes music... magic?"

Title: The Enchanted Sonata
Author: Heather Dixon Wallwork
Genre(s):  Fantasy, Retellings, Young Adult, Romance.
Release: October 2018
Rating: ✭✭✭/5

This book has such a promising premise; the nutcracker fused with the Piped Piper sounds like one of my new favorite things. This book brought upon all sorts of wintery goodness.

What is this book about?
The Enchanted Sonata centers around the young pianist Clara, who has a massive crush on the professional pianist Johann. Clara is so smitten that she has planned her entire future around him. She, then, hadn't planned to be pulled into a fairytale world where children are being transformed into toys and by an evil musician.

She comes to the rescue of Nikolai, a prince who has been turned into a nutcracker, to save his empire, and restore his citizens back to human beings.

"Light chords, staccato piano, or pizzicato strings, 
could lighten the heart. 
minor, legato melodies,
could depress and darken one's soul."

What did I think about The Enchanted Sonata?
First of all, I was enchanted by the entire atmosphere surrounding the book. The premise, cover and title pages made me want to add this to my TBR. The cover is absolutely stunning and reminds me of snowy Russia and the Christmas-feeling. 

I absolutely love the book's concept. The combination of the lyrical writing, the retellings of two famous tales; The Nutcracker and Pied Piper were absolute gold together. I loved the inclusion of the musical element and language in the story. I'm a musician myself so this absolutely added an extra layer to the story. 

The characters, too, were absolutely gorgeous. The antagonist, Erik, was very interesting to read about (I expecially liked the inclusion of his origin-story). As an audience, we witnessed Clara's growth as a character. She goes from the naive, dreaming, girl to someone who's sure of herself and someone who forms new resolutions. There's also Nikolai, the adorable prince, who both served as the ideal boyfriend and a good protagonist.

The pacing and length of this story I found enjoyable too. I liked the fact that the action came relatively quickly into the book. I personally don't find books that take ages to build up very attractive. So I was happy to see that the introduction and world-building in this book was done relatively quickly. The flashbacks, time jumps, and parallel universes were very nicely added to create a very fairy-tale like atmosphere, but were in no way confusing for the reader. Instead, they added to the story in the sense that the reader gets to read a story in a story in a story, which adds to the whimsical element of The Enchanted Sonata as well.

A downfall of this book though, for me personally, was the writing. I generally enjoyed the writing style and it was fine for the most part. There were also some good quotes here and there, but I don't know if it was because I received the non-final copy, some of the wording really didn't make sense sometimes. Some of the jokes too, fell a bit flat. I think the author's intention might have been to give the story a comedic spin, but that didn't fully work out.

Overall, I feel like I really enjoyed the story and I read it at the perfect time of the year. The book got me in a perfect Christmas mood. The concept of this, then, remains beautiful, even if the finished product might have some minor flaws. 3.5/5 stars.

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